Otakaari 1 and Dipoli

The combined event of Micronano System Workshop 2018 and Superhydrophobicity and Wetting Symposium 2018 will be held in the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University in Espoo, Finland, only a 15 minute metro ride from the center of Helsinki. The venue is located in the two landmarks of the Otaniemi campus: in the old main building of the Aalto University and in Dipoli. The old main building is designed by architect Alvar Aalto, after whom the Aalto University is named. Dipoli is freshly renowated into its former glory, and it is the new main building of the university. The street address of the old main building is Otakaari 1, and the street address of Dipoli is Otakaari 24. Both buildings are located within 5 minute walk from each other and from the Aalto University metro station. More information about Otaniemi campus can be found from here.

Maps of the venues can be found behind these links:

Otakaari 1

Micronano System Workshop will be held in Dipoli. Superhydrophobicity and Wetting symposium will be held in Otakaari 1. The Surface Tension and Wetting course will be held in both locations: first day in Dipoli and the second day in Otakaari 1. More detailed information about the event locations can be found from the program.

Aalto University old main building and Alvari’s square. Photo by Mikko Raskinen

Aalto University main building Dipoli. Photo by Niko Lavonen

How to get to Otaniemi

By air

The closest airport is the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport, which has good connections from Europe, Asia and USA. Transport from airport to Otaniemi campus is easiest by train and metro or by taxi. The trains (I and P trains) go to Helsinki central railway station about every 10-20 minutes and the metro (towards Tapiola and Matinkylä) from the central railway station to Aalto University metro station (Aalto-yliopisto) about every 2.5 – 10 minutes. The total travel time is about one hour. Tickets (2-zone ticket) costs 5.00 € from ticket machine and 4.20 € from mobile app. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes and includes changes. Tickets must be purchased from ticket machines located in all stations or from the app in advance, there is no ticket sale on trains or on the metro. Taxi is faster option and takes 20 – 40 min depending on traffic. Taxi costs about 45 € from the airport to the Aalto University area and 40 € to the Helsinki Center.

By car

It is possible to arrive to the venue by car, but the parking place near the venue is limited, and can become full. There is more parking space along streets Otakaari and Rakentajanaukio and in parking lot Tekniikantie 21 (1€/h, 5€/12h)

By metro & bus

Otaniemi can be reached easily by using a bus or a train to connect to the metro (dashed orange line) or the bus line 550 (orange solid line). The Helsinki downtown area is connected to Otaniemi by metro and the trip takes around 15 minutes depending on the station you enter. For other public transport connections inside the metropolitan area, you can refer to HSL route planner, which shows you the best connections between a given starting and ending point, and it also shows timetables. The ticket to Otaniemi from Helsinki is the 2-zone ticket, which costs 5.00€ bought from a ticket machine and 4.20 € from the app. From the Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden to Otaniemi, the ticket is 1-zone ticket and it costs 2.90€ from a ticket machine and 2.20 € from the app. For more detailed information about the tickets and public transportation regions can be found in the Helsinki public transportation (HSL) website.


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